In Today’s world, there is a big issue to find the right and most trusted online channel for small business to showcase their products. In the amid of the Covid-19 pandemic, the problem rose bigger and much local businesses are on the stage of shutting their expansion which they build after their hard work.

Seeing online platforms the growing and expanding channel many small manufacturers and businesses that want to build their brand and not want to sell through other retail stores are trying their hands-on E-Commerce platform.

The benefit of the online channel is that they take care of most needs of the manufacturer, they are the following:

1.Marketing of the particular products

2.Customer Support

3.Their Safe Packaging & Delivery.

4. Remote location availability( Delivering of products to those areas where manufacturers cannot go and select their products.)

5. Ensuring tracking and delivering of the products & getting required feedback from the customers.

6. Cost Effective. (for more, visit: is moving strongly to provide easy access to small enterprises of India because we stand firmly on the ideology “Vocal for Local” This helps the local business of our country and makes them grow by discovering new markets opportunities and get the most out of it.

After several research and study our marketing analyst found that small business also faces many more hardship while choosing online ecommerce platform because of several rules and conditions, like payment related delay and the certain portion of security amount which companies keep with them because of which the seller is bound to work with them. as an Indian platform is taking a hit step towards these policies and ensuring a minimum time almost 7 days to transfer the amount to the seller account. The company also don’t keep a single amount as a security deposit which is a great boon to small business.

“Our motto is to help those who want to take their first step in the market but they need a base to start. gearing up and ensuring that “SMALLER GETS BIGGER WITH NATION”  

The growth graph says all that our commitment and morals are high and peoples are engaging with us at peak

We are making small pavements for them to expand the market by connecting more buyers, increase efficiencies, which will beneficial for them in the long run.

Zelorra is standing firmly in the market to support local small business, we want our services to be memorable it means if a grocery which is small left or stock out at the time of cooking, Indian women don’t have to wait till next 48 hrs or something to get the item delivered, Zelorra will deliver them on the same day in quick time, says Zelorra Founder, Mr. Deepak Gupta and Co-Founder Shuddhatm , he also says Zelorra will also provide you to sell your products online with 50 free listings.

At last, a few years back manufacturers were competing only at a local level in a largely traditional setup. With e-commerce, the opportunities have got democratized and every business, irrespective of its scale and size, can now operate on a level playing field.

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