From the childhood days, we often listened that magic prevails in the world and there is this one sentence: “What is in  the destiny will only happen.” But as soon as time passed, we all understood a bitter truth that when the hard stones of tough life test you, all the magic and so-called destiny theory vanishes. What is left to survive in this competitive world is your idea, opportunities, finance & hard work.

Based on this cheery thought, two entrepreneurs started-up with an out of the box thinking and with a social cause to empower small businesses on an online platform to show and grow their products online with fewer efforts.

How it all Begun

This journey began with brainstorming ideas of Mr. Deepak Gupta and Mr. Shuddhatm Chaturvedi, and a vision of “Local to Global.”

The thought behind Zelorra was not to make the services wider but to make them more profound so that our quality and services do not affect us at any cost. Today, we are one of the fastest growing online E-commerce platform in India because of this commitment.

Our aim is to provide quality services to the sellers with the lowest commission ever and the thought behind setting up an e-Commerce Startup in the midst of E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart was an interesting and simple question:  “why to pay extra.” Suppose a product is available with almost every shopkeeper. Still, why to buy from a specified one, there are many reasons for that. We realize that we all need a platform with real-time cost and the best supply chain to ensure better delivery experience when needed.

Our founders believe that customer is always our priority, and no customer should pay more than MRP. Zelorra is offering all its customers to purchase the products at less than the market price with no additional cost. They believe that extra charge will only be applicable if the total order cost is less than 100 rupees. This idea will surely bring a new revolution in the hard time fight in the E-commerce world.

Navigating the “Safety with Suvidha”

In the race to become one of the fastest growing online E-commerce companies in India, Zelorra thought & vision is to mirror customers’ delivery of products quickly and safely. Our Success theory stands on the pillars of “being different” and “being better” from others. While beginning, another thought looming in our minds while starting, was to give easy assistance to the local sellers by selling their products online with the lowest commission.

Started from a lead to make it a ladder of Success

Zelorra founder, Mr. Deepak Gupta, always focused on the depth factor, not on the width, to provide the best premium facilities to their customers in the long run. As a college dropout, Mr.Gupta thought that no qualification is better than your own learning. His vision for the company is for almost 100 years; it means the generation changes, but the hierarchy of good quality remains the same. He continued his promising words to treat every customer at rank 1 in their priority list. The company is strongly working on a theory to give consumers what they need. Based on this motive, we are moving ahead, leaving behind the footprints of Success.

Shuddhatm Chaturvedi, Co-founder of Zelorra, did his PGDM in ITSM from NMIMS. He also did post-graduation in digital marketing and artificial intelligence.

His vision is to build India’s most consumer-centric company where customers can find anything they want to buy online.

At the very early age of 23, Shuddhatm dreamed of creating his own company in the vast, then virtually uncharted wilds of worldwide Web naming Zelorra.

With the changing dynamics of technology, he realized the potential of e-commerce. During the phase when the whole country was fighting with the pandemic, Shuddhatm wanted to take this opportunity to create an online shopping platform that would make the shopping experience to the next level.

In today’s time, people shopping online has increased significantly worldwide, especially in b towns where the door-to-door delivery culture was not very familiar.

With a mission to create India’s most trusted online shopping platform, Shuddhatm has started with Zelorra, his dream shopping online platform, with his digital world skills.

Growth is ON…

Our Customer reviews motivate us day by day to be in the race track more strongly and confidently.

We always preferred long term vision to be part of the success tale. Today our vision depends on the mission of Smart Working with better User Experience. Customer happiness after getting satisfactory services is our real vision and long term mission. Our workforce works day and night to fulfill our customer demand and give them the best online shopping experience.

With time this journey is becoming more exciting and great. We are strongly committed to setting up the success milestones in this beautiful journey.

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