How a start-up of an e-commerce platform combat the COVID-19 shutdown

A few months back the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, with small businesses being hit especially hard. That was a pivotal time for small businesses.

Two individuals with the high differential idea & with an emotional motive to support the small business came up with an idea to set up a  ecommerce start up in India.

How did COVID-19 affect our operations?

Our operation and offices were  force to close due to lockdown & it was difficult to manage delivery procedure, but we did not leave hope and we set each & every stepping stone make  a success ladder. 

The situation was very tense but the way Zelorra responded to the pressured situation shows our commitment & dedication to provide fast & quality services to our customers. Many companies were facing these challenges and they don’t set back and even turned into an opportunity. is a defining name in the list. With our positive mindset, we’re diving deeper with time with the help of innovative ideas by our management and our Zelorra team members prove ourselves as the best & most trusty online selling eCommerce platform.

What is your business?

Raised in a family of business owners, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to start my own company, said Mr.Deepak Gupta, the former VFX Artist at Star Sports. came in 2019 to address the needs of online shopping customers & small sellers who were in deep trouble in Covid19 to showcase their products. has evolved all essential products into a full offering of Men, Women & Baby products, Family Health, Homecare, Customized printing, pet accessories, Herbals, Apparels & Mobile-Tablets with the best offers & deals. 

 The start-up was set up in Kanpur city. From starting the company to date the growth of the company is setting up new records company, many challenges came but it does not let mindset quit. We use those experiences to fuel our entrepreneurial drive and growth day by day. This was certainly the best positive outcome from the Covid -19 pandemic.

How did you manage during this unusual time? What is our offering now?

With the store closed, Zelorra pivoted to focus more on the eCommerce website. had been working day in and out to grow an online shopping platform.

In the time of Covid-19 shutdown with the Zelorra supermart grocery section we want to help those household women to provide groceries items in quick time to get products in real-time.

What is Zelorra’s response to COVID-19, does it will have a long-term impact on our platform?

We keep looking for a way to move forward — keeping our costs competitive with various brands, ramping up with eCommerce store during the pandemic, and planning for future product lines.  

We work on the ideology There is no “should I do it?” It’s a matter of how I can get it done.

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